Hello, My Name Is Carol

From a young age my obsession with stationery and organisation was evident to all. As an adult I developed an inner ear condition that resulted in 90% deafness in my left ear. This unexpected turn of events left me feeling exposed and unsure of my future. So I did what I always do, I adapted and took control of my future.  

I understand admin may not be everyone’s favourite aspect of business but it most definitely is mine. I thrive on that sense of accomplishment, that satisfaction of a finely tuned process and a good spreadsheet – don’t even get me started!

I decided to combine that love of admin with another great pleasure of mine, Web design. I graduated Charles Sturt University with a diploma in IT. And while I do code websites at times I primarily use Word Press now. Weather you need a new website or updating of a current website, lets chat.

I have been busily working with some amazing clients the last few years and while I find that immensely satisfying I also have a strong desire to learn. I recently completed my Certificate IV in Accounting and Bookkeeping through Swinburne University.

How does a Virtual Assistant Work?

We work remotely using various applications such as Dropbox, Google Drive, Email, Phone, Zoom and many more.

You will hardly notice we are not right there beside you. We will discuss your requirements, your preferences and a timeline for the work to be completed. You will only pay for the time required to complete the task and any expenses. No need to worry about lunch breaks, Superannuation or anything else. You will also be provided with a time report on invoicing.

What Value can a Virtual Assistant bring to your business

The most valuable asset a VA can provide is TIME. By handing over those tasks that consume so much of your time but are not generating direct income you are freeing up yourself to focus on your business.

Administration tasks that may be taking up to 5 hours per week can usually be done much quicker by an experienced Virtual Assistant saving you both time and money.

Ask your self how many hours have you spent learning something that only needs to be done once or set up once.

Now work out how much money you could have made in sales in that time by working on your business, connecting with clients or generating leads.

That is why hiring a Virtual Assistant who already has the experience and knowledge and can do it in a quarter of the time makes better business sense.

Download our Productivity Template to find out!