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Today I saw a post in a Facebook group from a lady asking for help. How to become a VA? She wants to start a virtual assistant business and she came to the right group. What’s great is the VA community is an infinite source of wisdom, experience, advice and support all willing to share their knowledge. However, the original poster also went on to say that she had no experience at all.

So, here’s the thing! you wouldn’t walk into a mechanical repair business and start working on people’s car, right! you would be taking someone else life into your own hands. It wouldn’t be safe. Well becoming a VA with none too little experience is the same thing. You are taking peoples life’s, their business, their livelihood into your hands and the consequences could be devastating.

There is so much more to be being a Virtual Assistant than just a computer and an internet connection. It’s a lot of hard work you need to be able to work for your clients while constantly working for yourself. That means networking, up skilling, marketing, it’s not something you start on a whim to earn a few extra dollars.

I have seen to many times people offer services they have no experience or training in. Being a Virtual Assistant always means having the maturity and professionalism to be ethical and transparent when dealing with clients.

If you don’t have the experience or the training then dedicate time to learning Administration, Social Media Management, Virtual Reception whatever it is, take the time to learn and educate yourself before offering your services to a client.

Written by Carol Davies

Inspired Virtual Assistant